Kitchen design house hardboard

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Kitchen design house hardboard

Kitchen design house hardboard

Kitchen design house hardboard

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Best Kitchen Design Ideas:Kitchen design house hardboard

Traditional kitchens – those whose styles date back to before Formica and linoleum – can be either reminiscent of the country or or of town. Styles vary depending on the origin chosen, such as English, Early American, European, or Mediterranean.

Choosing Styles Of Traditional Kitchens

For country kitchens, styles are simple but not plain. The kitchen is both for food preparation and eating, ans the decor reflects this. Walls will have simple crown molding and often will be adorned with chair rails. The rest of the kitchen should match in style, such as having raised panels on cabinet doors.

Texture is important, with the look of hand-rubbed wood that shows its natural color and grain. Wooden elements are effective when painted, also. Pine, maple, and oak are traditional woods, and accents are earth tones in pottery, basketry, and natural fabric curtains. Walls are any shade of white or the rich colors of a hunting print.

French country is big on hand-painted pottery, brass and copper pans, textured fabrics with stripes or in plain, homespun colors, and cooking utensils out in the open, ready to hand. Italians love even more flamboyant pottery, tile floors and counter surrounds, hanging strings of garlic and dried tomatoes, and big sunny windows with views not obscured by curtains.

English kitchens are warm and cozy, with tea pots and matching cups and a scrubbed wooden work surface. Mellow English pine and oak is used for cupboards, chairs, and tables, set against the richly colored walls hung with pictures of game. American pine is lighter and so is their golden oak, which they love in pedestal tables and pressed-back chairs. Baskets are used for storage, cookware is often cast iron in the new world, and the appliances can be white to match the painted, glass-fronted cabinets.

Town kitchens are often surprisingly formal, with toilet fabrics and swagged window coverings. Bow windows filled with plants, Windsor or Queen Anne tables and chairs, tile floors, and large crown molding with ornate corbels are typical. Dark wood is traditional for cabinets and wall trim, with even mahogany being used. China cabinets display bone china and cooking things are kept out of sight. Big pantries are part of the picture as well as cabinets rising all the way to the ceiling. Cabinets are often built in rather than simply hung.

For traditional kitchens, antique or reproduction furniture, natural fabrics, wooden or tiled counter tops, heavy pottery bowls and jugs, natural fiber baskets, and rag rugs will set the tone.

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